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Who Made Who is without a doubt the most unrivaled tribute to ACDC around. the power of Who Made Who mirrors the true strength, energy, impeccable sound, and larger than life stage production of an ACDC show.

The band extensively tours Canada full time, and have a rock solid track record of delivering good, hard rock and roll to sold out shows across the country.

Handling the vocals is a multi-talented singer that emulates both Brian Johnson and Bon Scott with exact accuracy. Along with detailed impersonations of each band member, which include the trademark school boy outfit, and marshall stacks loud enough to make your ears bleed.

Who Made Who is the only ACDC tribute band in Canada that is a full time touring band, travelling Canada coast to coast for months at a time. Our shows range from small capacity bars, to large concert venues, they also include casino’s, theatres, night clubs, festivals, corporate private parties and benefit concerts.

This is a show you do not want to miss.

With an immeasurable crew of multi-talented men with a combined 30+ years of experience in the music industry, who made who is sure to give you the full ACDC experience........only ACDC does it better.

femme fatales port alberni

The Femme Fatales

From Nanaimo B.C. The Femme Fatales are a high energy, versatile, cover band that is taking hold of Vancouver Island’s music scene with thick harmonies, tight instrumentation, and captivating stage presence. This six piece band armed with some of the most talented women of the West Coast Music Scene consists of band leader drummer and vocalist Jona Kristinsson, lead singers Shelly Beeston, Sydney Needham, bassist and vocalist Kaylie Russell, keyboardist and singer Mercedes Courtoreille, and guitarist Bob Moffat.

With a weekly show at The Queen’s in Nanaimo The Femme Fatales consistently put on a hard-hitting, memorable show that people go home and tell their friends about. With members in well established and up and coming bands such as Wunderbread, Haus Banned, IRIS, Baby Jane, and The Distributors, each person brings their own unique ideas to the table which all together creates the big powerful sound that The Femme Fatales are known for.

With talented musicians and a dominant female presence, The Femme Fatales will put on a show you’re sure to remember

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Johnny Inappropriate

Johnny Inappropriate is a high energy 5-piece cover band from Vancouver Island. Formed in the summer of 2004, they have remained one of the Island’s most sought after acts, wowing the crowds all over Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Garnering rave reviews everywhere they go, there is never a dull moment with Johnny Inappropriate.
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Chevy Metal

The Chevy Metal Show is a slick power trio comprised of guitarist Ray Harvey ( Kick Axe-Payolas-Rock & Hyde), drummer Gary Langdon (Kick Axe) and Bassist John Dryden (Trooper-Headpins-Toronto-Lee Aaron).

All three band-mates sing giving them the ability to cover all your favorite bands from the 70’s and 80’s. Aerosmith, Led Zep, Nazareth, ACDC, Doobie Brothers, Cream, ZZ Top, CCR, Billy Idol, The Beatles, The Cult, Neill Young, Joe Walsh……

If you can’t Dance to The Chevy Metal Show…..You Can’t Dance

satellite park

Satellite Park

Members--Lead Guitar/Vocals--Dale Bottaro
Vocals/Bass--Cole Mercer
Vocals/Drums--Curt Buxton

By combining masterful set lists, precision dynamics, and high energy you get Satellite Park. Satellite Park formed in 2009, and although a young band, the band has shared the stage with President’s of the USA and Sweeny Todd.

Satellite Park has also had the honour to have played at the Olympic Torch Relay in Lake Cowichan in 2009, Port Alberni Tall Ships Festival and other numerous fairs and festivals all over the Island.

Lead singer and band leader Dale Bottaro is the experienced veteran in the group, having been performing live now for 10+ years. Each member is a master of their craft and their brilliance sparks the bands chemical combination on stage. You can expect to hear a great mixture of mainstream alternative rock/pop as the band takes stage June 29th.

Sue Medley

Sue Medley can belt it out with the best of them. One night at New York’s Madison Square Garden, the singer did just that, joining Eric Clapton, George Harrison and others on stage for the all-star “Bobfest” tribute and roaring through a couple of Dylan numbers in a memorable performance with American heartland rocker John Mellencamp.

But Medley’s ace up her sleeve – and what really sets her apart is the way she can turn a vulnerable lyric into the most heart-wrenching ballad you’ve ever heard. Tough and tender, sweet and seasoned - combining those qualities to establish herself as a formidable artist in the tradition of Southern-style icons like Bonnie Raitt and Melisa Etheridge.

Nicholas Jennings - Maclean’s Magazinesue medley funtastic port alberni

Sue Medley & The Back Road Band

Sue is currently recording a new album with a release date later this spring. The new songs are a fresh interpretation of roots rock with a Southern aroma – sizzling slide guitar, pulsing rhythms, beautiful ballads and stunning 5-part vocal harmonies. One of Sue’s trademarks has always been the exceptional quality of the players she tours with - and her new group The Back Road Band is no exception. This powerhouse 5-piece line-up includes Jacquelyn Block on 2nd lead vocals, veteran CBC producer / performer John Mang on keyboards, Art Van Volsen on the all electronic “V-Drums”, Anela Kahiamoe on bass, and Jeff Gillespie, acoustic, steel and electric guitarist extrordinaire. And of course, Sue on lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars.

For her live shows, Sue has selected a compelling mix of her own hits, new songs, and upmarket arrangements of radio favourites and dance tunes. Sue Medley’s albums are available on iTunes and CD Baby.

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