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Bands 2020

Schedule - Saturday June 27th


Schedule - Sunday June 28


6:15PM TBA


6:00 PM TBA
9.30 - 11:00 PM Headliner 54/40

Bios for Bands
900-10:30PM Headliner -

Bios for bands
June 27th
Saturday Headliner - 9:30pm

54 40 port alberni funtastic

5440 are one of the most important popular music groups to emerge from the Canadian cultural landscape. With more than 2 decades of performing and recording behind them, the band has an unbelievable catalogue of hit songs.

Lead by chief songwriter Neil Osborne, 5440 have carved out a legacy of gold and platinum albums and a outstanding reputation for their live performances that carries through to this day.

Over 25 years, 2000 performances, and 16 releases the secret to 5440’s longevity is their ability to redefine and reinvent themselves, taking long time 5440 fans on a ride that is bound to pick up new young fans on the way.

To experience 5440 in concert is to experience how songs have touched and continue to touch people’s lives. From people who have followed the band from their humble beginnings in east Vancouver to new young fans that have discovered the truly original band that is 5440, a 5440 concert is extraordinary affair that bridges the gaps of generations through a shared love of music.

I simply can’t find the right words to describe 54.40, one of the most respected Canadian bands ever. Can one possibly gauge the accomplishments they have attained during their two-decade-long journey in one sentence? The answer in my mind is no,” - Scene Magazine.

The band has toured throughout the world, released 9 more albums, received numerous awards and has achieved almost a dozen Top-10 hit singles. Along with their incredible songwriting ability, 54.40 expanded their horizons by opening their own studio, racking up producing and mixing credits.

Neil Osborne produced Juno nominated Jets Overhead and Winnipeg singer songwriter Cara Luft, while guitarist Dave Genn produced up and coming rock bands Marianna’s Trench, Arm Chair Cynics and is a co-songwriter for the chart topping Hedley.

June 27th

2CENT Tribute port alberni Funtastic

10 years after the passing of Local Musician, Tyler Dupont, the remaining original Members of the Band Mr.2Cents come together collectively, for the first time since 2010.

This will be a show dedicated to the memories of many local musicians who have passed in the last decade, and have some very special guests to help them, 'Back in the day, we opened for bands like Presidents of the United States of America,and Wide Mouth Mason, as well as performed with Members of Trooper, Odds, Brian Adams, and many others.

" We are truly honored to warm up the crowd for Canadian Icons 54-40, Represent the Local Musicians, and do what we do best. Raise the bar & Raise the roof". ' -Jason Samson. Be ready, as the Islands Rawk Machine fuels up and delivers a full ensemble of your favorite classics as well as some of their original music.

June 27th

chase spencer band port alberni funtastic

Chase Spencer released his debut album, “Feel Alive” in the spring of 2016. Following the release he embarked on a 7-week tour of Vietnam where he gained a local following. Since then, he has constantly been writing, recording, and perfecting his sound heard within his new single entitled, “Whiskey”. He is now touring across Western Canada showcasing his next single, "Lost In The Dark".

The influences of 90’s alternative rock and acoustic folk, along with his crisp vocals creates nostalgia, whilst his song writing technique produces an innovative and distinctive sound. With a full band behind him, his energetic stage presence makes you want to get up, sing along, and stomp your feet.

June 27th
TBA - 6:00pm


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